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I require that all dates be secured with a 20% deposit. I have multiple electronic options for making your deposit as well as a few paperless options. Deposits are applied to the full consideration and are non negotiable and non refundable. This is to ensure your attendance and mine. Thanks for understanding!



I have a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 72 hours from our appointment I request 50% of the total amount of the appointment unless you can reschedule in the next few days. 



Please arrive on time. Upon entering leave the full consideration in cash on a visible surface inside an unsealed envelope, book or card. Make sure you have showered (or offer to take a shower at incall), cleaned and prepared for any desired activities. Wash your hands immediately when you arrive or when I arrive. If we go overtime, intended or by accident, offer to compensate for my additional time. Do not contact me excessively outside of our time together without offering compensation.



Screening is a requirement for all new clients for my safety and comfort. No exceptions will be made. Thank you for understand and complying! Bellow are my screening options. 

1. Provider References (preferred) 


Your choice of two active, independent providers who you've seen in the past year. I suggest you reach out to them before listing them as references. I will need each of their:

  • Names

  • Email addresses and or phone numbers

  • Links to their website and or social media link or ads 

2. Work Information (including one or more of the following)

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile which must have a photo and 100+ connections to be accepted 

  • Name of company, your title and a link to a website that confirms this information with a photo of you

  • An email from your work email address

  • A clear photo of you holding your work badge and or government I.D. up to your face 

3. Social Date (plus I.D.)

  • Book a 30 minute coffee or tea date which is 250

  • Provide a clear photo of your I.D. 

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