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​Allow me to introduce myself and describe what photos cannot convey. My name is Esmé Elliot.


Part forest nymph, part city diva, I posses a deep love of and appreciation for the natural world, as well as refined metropolitan interests and tastes. In my spare time you might find me basking underneath a waterfall, hiking up a mountain, getting lost in a book, indulging in the finest cuisines a city has to offer, or exploring parks and art museums via bicycle. 


I'm an artist of many mediums, an herbalist, a content creator, a visionary and more.


​A versatile dominant, I have a propensity for taking the reins and leading you into a physical and mental realm where together we can explore our desires more fully and freely.


A Godexxx of the Earth, I draw my inspiration for sensual dominance directly from her: simultaneously ruthless and nourishing, dark and mysterious and yet full of light, she has the power to take away or give at will.


A romantic enthusiast, I like to revel in the moments only lovers can create, where fantasies become reality; where bodies beckon, open, and release; where time stands still as eyes meet and limbs touch. 


​I invite you to step into my world for a moment, an afternoon, an evening, a weekend or perhaps longer, become intoxicated by my pungent aroma in those most hidden, un-groomed places, and be allured by my cunning intellect and androgynous beauty. Allow yourself to be put to ease by my vibrant smile, famous laugh and intuitive sensuality. Grant yourself the permission to submit. Give yourself what you most desire. Let’s dive in and explore our depths together. I believe that if a connection is meant to happen in this lifetime it will, are you ready for ours?

*I do not discriminate based on gender, race, age (21+ only), ethnicity or ability 


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